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Wannalisn English Learning App


Each subscription to Wannalisn Premium gives an equal subscription to a person without resources.

«Learning is a universal right, not a privilege.»


17 Years old, Argentina

«This kind of content is difficult to find, specially in the internet. It’s how people actually speak.»

Wannalisn English Learning App

For an education


Wannalisn is a global learning platform committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the democratization of education.

Wannalisn English Learning App

This is why we have created


An initiative that offers users who need it most the possibility of accessing quality education at no cost.


16 Years old, Kurdistan

«That’s just awesome because those people who are not able to afford the app can benefit from that a lot.»


38 Years old, Costa Rica

«…is the key of the future. With English as a second language I can get a good job and better opportunities of being successful.»

Wannalisn English Learning App

With Wannalisn you don’t just learn.


By going Premium you are not only learning, but lending a helping hand by enabling someone in need to learn with Wannalisn too. 

For each Premium Subscription purchased, an equal Premium access is given to someone without resources.

Wannalisn English Learning App

Your opportunity is


If you find yourself in a situation of social exclusion, inequality or lack of resources, or if you represent a group in this situation, you can request a scholarship subscription to Wannalisn by filling in the following information:

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