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How to improve English pronunciation?

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It is estimated that more than 1.130 million people speak English worldwide, although of these, only 379 million are native speakers. This is why this language is the most predominant in international business, tourism, technology, etc. Hence the importance of knowing how to master it to perfection, and improve English pronunciation so that we can communicate with a greater number of people and it will be useful in all areas of our lives.


One of the challenges for people who are learning a language is pronunciation. Learning to pronounce English correctly may seem to be one of the most complicated aspects of improving the language, in addition to a variety of pronunciation, from British and American English to an endless number of dialects. Even so, the most important thing is to be able to speak and understand the language fluently and with a clear and natural intonation.

In this post we are going to teach you 6 ways to improve your english pronunciation in 2021.


1-. Talk to yourself in English

Talking to yourself is something we all do in our heads, so the idea is to get used to doing it out loud in the language you are learning. Speaking in English will help you gain confidence in your verbal skills. If you want you can use a mirror to speak. Choose a topic, and watch your mouth, face and body language as you speak.


2-. Practice with Wannalisn

If you love movies, you must get to know Wannalisn.

Wannalisn it’s an app to learn English through movie clips and series, helping you to understand the fast English of first language speakers.With this methodology you will not only improve your listening, but also, thanks to its new speech recognition feature, you will be able to improve your speaking and pronunciation level in a fun and dynamic way.


speech wannalisn


Enjoy new voice exercises and refine your pronunciation of each work to sound like a true native speaker.

Download the app for free in here and check out Wannalisn’s new speech recognition.


3-. Watch your favourite movies and series without subtitles (or english subtitles)

It is recommended to place the subtitles in English when you already have a more advanced level of English, not only to practice reading, but also to relate the reading to the way it is pronounced and intoned. People with an advanced level should not use the subtitled support in either language.


4-. Read out loud

Take a book in English according to your level, and read it aloud, this will help you to listen to yourself, listen to longer sentences and practice intensively to improve your speaking pronunciation. You will be able to work on your fluency and increase your vocabulary and grammar knowledge.


5-. Find a learning partner

It is very important to have someone to give you feedback on your English pronunciation. Find someone else who is interested in learning English like you or who has a higher level, and establish a topic of interest for both of you so that you can talk for a long time.


6-. Attend to events

Find out which events in your city are in English, and attend the one you like the most. The goal of this is to not only listen to others, but also to encourage you to participate and discuss what is being talked about. In addition, this will help you meet people who speak the language and can also help you. Check out the events on


Download Wannalisn for free on iOS or Android, and practise your listening and speaking and learn vocabulary anytime, wherever you may be!


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