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Learning real English: My experience

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Nicole is a 17-year-old teen from Argentina who has always had an interest in learning real English. Like most of us, Nicole has studied English at school for years, following the same tired methods that make learning English a chore.

That’s where Wannalisn comes in!



Being fully aware of the opportunities that learning English would bring in her future, Nicole tried her best to excel in her English classes at school, with the aim of improving little by little with the hopes of one day becoming fluent in the language, enabling her to land the job of her dreams.

Despite her best efforts, the outdated methods and textbooks chosen by her teachers didn’t motivate her at all, and after a few months of growing tired of the same explanations and exercises, Nicole decided to take matters into her own hands. 


“I have realized that English doesn’t have to be boring”   


Browsing for new and innovative ways to learn, Nicole stumbled across Wannalisn, and the magic happened! Learning real English accompanied by her favourite actors, actresses and singers, Nicole instantly became hooked on Wannalin’s awesome methodology! Through tiny clips from her favorite movies, series and TV programs, she was able to learn while having fun in the process. 

Needless to say, after finding Wannalisn, her motivation to learn English skyrocketed like she never would have imagined. Nicole went from hardly wanting to practise English, to spending hours a day improving her vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation!


“Wannalisn helps you understand better” 



Nicole enjoys studying real english with her favorite movies


Nicole has also tried many other apps to learn English where you can learn grammar, verb tenses, or lots of vocabulary. But as she herself admits, that is usually content that is not useful in real life, nor is it as fun!

Thanks to Wannalisn, this unmotivated student finally discovered a new passion for the language, along with a multitude of educational content to work with, that is very difficult to find in one place. From Connected Speech, to expressions, phrasal verbs, pronunciation and much more, Wannalisn is the whole package.


Nicole explores the content of Wannalisn


As Nicole says, we have to stop seeing English as something boring or just another subject. English can in fact be entertaining, and when we think of it in this way, the motivation to continue with the learning comes along by itself.

It makes me feel motivated, I’m learning

And the progress is evident! Nicole’s level of English is improving every day and she is more motivated than ever to continue learning, communicating with people around the world and enjoying access to all the English content and information on the internet.

Thank you Nicole for using Wannalisn and recommending this unique learning method. Understanding fast, real English is possible, give it a go and try it for yourself. 

Let’s all say goodbye to subtitles!

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