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10 New English words trending in 2021

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As the English language continually evolves, new words and expressions are invented (or reinvented!) all the time. Some new English words are the result of cultural trends, and may have been first used in a book, TV series, or a song. Others can be old words that have come back into fashion, or also old words that have taken on new meanings.


Not all new words, however, end up in the dictionary. This depends on how useful a word is to English communication and how frequently it is used across a broad range of contexts. Learning and using these new words will take you closer to sounding like a native speaker.




Patient zero is a term used to describe the first human infected by a disease at the beginning of an outbreak.



patient zero
Patient Zero



This common abbreviation stands for Laughing out loudand is frequently used in text messages when you think something is funny.







Also known as binge-viewing or marathon-viewing. This is when you watch several episodes of a series in quick succession over an extended period of time.



binge watching



This new English  word was first used by the millennial generation, and means becoming angry because you are feeling hungry.






In this context dumpedmeans when one partner ends the relationship, and the other half still wants to be together.







According to pcmag.com,  the cloud”  is simply a metaphor for the internet, and enables anyone with an online connection to access a wide range of IT resources.




the cloud



If you unfriend someone, you stop being one of their contacts/friends on social media.







This new English word is a mix of the terms chill out” and relax”. If you put them together we get chillax”.






This can be an event, idea, or procedure that dramatically changes the way in which something is being done at the present time.




Game changer



This phrase is used to say that something is not a serious problem.





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