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Great Reasons to Learn English in 2021

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Why learn English? As the modern day lingua franca, there are many reasons to learn English in 2021. That’s because it’s everywhere. It is the language of international communication, of diplomacy, science, and technology.

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Despite the fact that English is not the most spoken language in the world, one in five of the global population can speak or at least understand it. Not to mention the fact that English is the official language in 61 different countries!

According to a report published by the British Council, 2 billion people are currently studying English worldwide. So, if you’re ready to explore fresh opportunities in your life and unlock new doors, there are many benefits to learning English.

The benefits of learning English


English is the language of business and can help you get a job

With English dominating the world of business, it is a must to speak English if you want to become part of a global workforce. Research from a number of countries shows that most international business communication is conducted in English and that companies require their employees to be able to communicate in English in different situations including telephone conversations, Zoom meetings, or team presentations.

A good knowledge of English will also be a great help for your next job interview when you will probably have to demonstrate your communication skills in English to increase your chances of landing that dream position.


woman getting a job

Knowing English opens up the world of entertainment

Many of the world’s most popular movies, TV series, and songs are in English. If you learn English you will acquire a greater degree of cultural understanding to allow you to access  a rich world of popular entertainment. If you find that you still need subtitles to watch your favourite series and videos on Netflix or Youtube , the new Wannalisn ‘edutainment’ app will help improve your fast listening skills with clips from movies and series. This way you can train your ear to understand the natural English of native speakers while having fun at the same time!


couple watching a film

Learning English will give you greater access to the Internet

Approximately 52% of the most visited sites on the internet is in the English language, meaning that learning English will make it easier for you to access more than half the content on the world wide web and help you read and understand billions of pages of previously unavailable information.


man on the internet

English is the language of science

Nowadays, many science-related subjects at university are taught in English or are accompanied by textbooks written in English. Improving your English will undoubtedly give you a competitive advantage if you want to study and train at the world’s top universities for sciences. Doctors, scientists and engineers across the globe need to have a good command of English if they want to give presentations or publish papers related to their particular area of expertise.


why learn english

With English you can travel and study all over the world

Among other benefits of learning English is that you will be able work, study or travel around the world and communicate freely in any one of the 61 countries where English is the official language. And if you happen to be in a non-English speaking country, English will still come in handy if you’re interacting with other second language speakers in a restaurant, shop, hotel, or an airport. Learning English definitely gives you an advantage if you want to have a conversation with people from all corners of the globe!


plane in the sky


Learning English will make you more knowledgeable

Another reason why  you should learn English is there are many important works of literature, history, science, and social science that are written in English. A good knowledge of English will give you access to a rich world of books where nothing will be lost in translation. Being able to read in English will help you stay in touch with different issues and trends in global culture and society and give you a greater understanding other people’s way of thinking.


girl reading in english

A good knowledge of English will help you be better educated

In times of Covid-19 and remote learning, a good knowledge of English will give you access to all sorts of educational courses online. You could try taking online or face-to-face classes in English on any subject that interests you, from art, to data science, geography, or cooking. A class in English will help you with listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary.



English makes it easier to date and meet people

This is a great reason why you should  learn English. If you can communicate in English you’ll have a better chance of getting a date with that special person. In these Coronavirus times, you might want to try your luck on an online dating site, or simply chat with people in English on Facebook.


a couple dating

Knowing English will improve your confidence

Being able to speak a foreign language is an admirable skill to have and a great one to include on your CV. Be proud of the fact that you can work and travel around the world and communicate with so many different people. Other people will admire you for speaking another language, and this will definitely make you feel more confident and self-assured.




You will improve your cognitive abilities

A knowledge of English and other languages will boost your brain and cognitive powers. Scientific studies show that bilingualism increases peoples’ scores on tests and allows them to assimilate new concepts and ideas faster than others.


brain power


If you’re still asking yourself «Why learn English?«, there are lots of advantages and great reasons to learn English in 2021.

The benefits of learning English range from getting a job, to being more confident, being smarter, and finding love. Learning English will unlock a whole new world of exciting possibilities.

So, what are you waiting for?


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Remember, real life doesn’t have subtitles!

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